Upemba National Park

Upemba National Park in D.R. Congo is the largest in Katanga Province, home to a variety of wildlife, including the big four (lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalo) and unique species like Katanga impalas, cheetahs, and zebras. Despite its biodiversity, the park faces threats like poaching, illegal settlements, and mining, lacking the resources to effectively combat these issues. Dedicated park rangers have successfully protected elephants from poachers, ensuring the preservation of these species in Katanga.

In October 2022, the Hideaway Hotel team announced the arrival of a partnership with Sovereign Nature Initiative in aid of the Forgotten Parks Foundation consisting of a complete line of clothing and accessories themed around the park's different ecoregions. As part of this partnership, a documentary video is being broadcast live and a new public area is available.

Public rooms

Two public rooms have been set up for the Sovereign Nature Initiative partnership: Upemba National Park and Live Event.

Upemba National Park

The Upemba National Park is the main public venue in the partnership. It is accompanied by a brand new boutique, 'Sovereign Nature Initiative'.

Live Event

During this partnership, a live activity with a video presentation of the actions carried out in the park was presented and you could win a pin.

Cocktail Party Glass

Shop : Sovereign Nature Initiative


Star(s) Name Price Preview Man Preview Woman
I Heart Upemba T-shirt 500 I Heart Upemba T-shirt Man I Heart Upemba T-shirt Woman
I Heart Upemba Curls 750 I Heart Upemba Curls
I Heart Upemba Cap 750 I Heart Upemba Cap
Upemba National Park T-Shirt 2000 Upemba National Park T-Shirt Man Upemba National Park T-Shirt Woman
Kyubo T-Shirt 2000 Kyubo T-Shirt Man Kyubo T-Shirt Woman
Kyubo Beanie 2000 Kyubo Beanie
Kasenga T-Shirt 2000 Kasenga T-Shirt Man Kasenga T-Shirt Woman
Kasenga Hat 2000 Kasenga Hat
Upemba National Park Hat 2300 Upemba National Park Hat
Upemba National Park Curls 2300 Upemba National Park Curls
Water Lily Top 150 Water Lily Top Man Water Lily Top Woman
Frog Beanie 500 Frog Beanie
Buffalo Jeans 500 Buffalo Jeans Man Buffalo Jeans Woman
Buffalo Cap 500 Buffalo Cap
Park Ranger Hat 500 Park Ranger Hat
Park Ranger Beret 500 Park Ranger Beret
Buffalo Shirt 500 Buffalo Shirt Man Buffalo Shirt Woman
Zebra Pattern Shirt 600 Zebra Pattern Shirt Man Zebra Pattern Shirt Woman
Buffalo Backpack 600 Buffalo Backpack
African Elephant Backpack 600 African Elephant Backpack
Monkey Backpack 600 Cloth: Monkey Backpack
Hippopotamus Beanie 650 Cloth: Hippopotamus Beanie
Hippopotamus Bag 650 Cloth: Hippopotamus Bag
Hippopotamus Slippers 650 Cloth: Hippopotamus Slippers
Park Ranger Uniform 18000 Park Ranger Uniform Man Park Ranger Uniform Woman
Zebra Onesie 18000 Zebra Onesie Man Zebra Onesie Woman
Buffalo Onesie 18000 Buffalo Onesie Man Buffalo Onesie Woman
African Elephant Onesie 18000 African Elephant Onesie Man African Elephant Onesie Woman
Upemba Mud Turtle Costume 20000 Upemba Mud Turtle Costume Man Upemba Mud Turtle Costume Woman
Jackel Onesie 20000 Jackel Onesie Man Jackel Onesie Woman
Buffalo Onesie Hood 22000 Buffalo Onesie Hood
African Elephant Onesie Hood 22000 African Elephant Onesie Hood
Zebra Onesie Hood 22000 Zebra Onesie Hood
Jackal Onesie Hood 22000 Jackal Onesie Hood
Upemba Mud Turtle Hood 22000 Upemba Mud Turtle Hood
Shoebill Cloak 1000 Cloth: Shoebill Cloak
Congolese Elephant Headwrap 1000 Congolese Elephant Headwrap
Buffalo Horns 1200 Buffalo Horns
Sitatunga Horns 1200 Sitatunga Horns
Jackal Ears 1200 Cloth: Jackal Ears
Shoebill Armor 1200 Shoebill Armor
Shoebill Helmet 1200 Shoebill Helmet
Congolese Elephant Fashion 1200 Congolese Elephant Fashion Man Congolese Elephant Fashion Woman
Zebra Mohawk 2200 Zebra Mohawk
Upemba Mud Turtle Shell 3500 Cloth: Upemba Mud Turtle Shell

Facial cosmetics

Star(s) Name Price Preview
Sitatunga Ears 20000 Facial : Sitatunga Ears


Star(s) Name Price Preview
Monkey Family Poster 8000 Monkey Family Poster
African Elephant Poster 8000 African Elephant Poster
Hippopotamus Poster 8000 Hippopotamus Poster
Shoebill Poster 8000 Shoebill Poster
Jackal Poster 8000 Jackal Poster
Upemba Campfire 8000 Upemba Campfire
Miniature Lake Upemba 8000 Miniature Lake Upemba


Star(s) Name Price Preview
Jackal Tracks 175 Effect : Jackal Tracks
Shoebill Feathers 650 Shoebill Feathers
Upemba Carpenter Bee 650 Upemba Carpenter Bee
Upemba Dragonfly 650 Upemba Dragonfly
Park Surveillance Drone 1500 Park Surveillance Drone
Lufira River Birds 1500 Lufira River Birds

Profile backgrounds

Upemba National Park Savannah

Preview Profile Background : Upemba National Park Savannah

Profile Background : Upemba National Park Savannah
Lake Upemba

Preview Profile Background : Lake Upemba

Profile Background : Lake Upemba