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Public Rooms

Public rooms, also known as Hotel rooms, are special types of rooms that can be visited using the "Elevator". These rooms contain a lot of the gameplay of the game with the possibility to use different game mechanics such as machines, shops or get some stickers. They are also places where you can meet and talk with other users.

Public rooms

The current Public Rooms are listed below.

Oasis Lobby

Oasis Lobby is the most popular public room in the game where you can meet the most people in the hotel. You can find machines like the Tailor Of Fortune, the Recycler or Lost And Found. It is possible to access other rooms through the different doors: Fusion Kitchen, Beach, Furniture Forum and the Closet. You can also buy different items in The Wall Mall or a temporary shop that changes according to the events.

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Furniture Forum

This is the most recent public room on the game. The purpose of this room is to highlight the building mode within the hotel. You can find the Carpenter of Chance machine, a small version of the Recycler or the MøBL shop.

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The Beach is a place where players can sunbathe, relax, use a DJ booth or shop in one of three shops: Face Odyssey, The Color Shop and Easy Frank's. There is also access to the Oasis Lobby at the entrance to the Beach and the Arcade.

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Fusion Kitchen

The Fusion Kitchen allows you to realise your dream of working in a restaurant. You can make your first date or just go out to eat with your friends in five different worlds. There is no game mechanic in this room, but you can go to a secret room with the help of two other people. You can also access the Oasis Lobby and the Relaxarium.

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Velvet Room

Velvet Room is the most famous bar in the hotel! You can go for a drink, sing on stage, play the piano, or socialise with other players. This room has two luxury shops, Suits and Giggles and Adorn. You can return to the Oasis Lobby at the entrance of the room.

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Are you a great athlete at heart? The Relaxarium is for you! It has a basketball corner, table football, massage seats and changing rooms. This room has a leaderboard where you can see different rankings around the game activities. You can buy sportswear in the Baze shop. Of course, you can return to the Oasis Lobby or have exclusive access to the Spa after the changing rooms.

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What better way to relax than in the hotel Spa. Showers, a massage table, a swimming pool and a jacuzzi are at your disposal! Want more? You can go to the Sauna and a free towel is available in the corners of the room.

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Sunset Street

Sunset Street is the outdoor area of the hotel. This street is full of action and activities you can do with your friends : hotdog, picnic, crime investigation, hairdresser, ice cream and much more! The PUG shop is full of streetwear.

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Twilight Terrace

At the top, you can find the most magical room in the hotel, the Twilight Terrace. Here you can relax and enjoy the scenery with a hot air balloon, a waterfall and a fountain. Please note that the floor is only available to players with a VIP membership. You have two shops, the VIP Boutique and Mystic Emporium, which have an astrology theme.

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Live Event

The Live Event is a concert hall in the shape of a discotheque that is only available during a virtual concert broadcast of an artist. You can watch the concert on a giant screen in the room, dance with your friends or have a drink in one of the bars in the room.

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Secret Rooms

There are some public rooms in our hotel that are secret and can be visited thanks to different features. Please note that there are no rifts in these rooms.


The Closet, called "Herman's Closet" is a maintenance wardrobe accessible through a door on the left wall of Oasis Lobby. This small room allows you to make different stickers and is themed to be the HQ of Herman, the hotel concierge.

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Available between two speakers on the Beach, the Arcade is a room with various games in a retro style.

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Grand Library

You think libraries are full of dust and old books? The Grand Library is. The room can be accessed by stepping on a book placed against the dinosaur pillar in the Arcade room. To feel less lonely in this particularly empty room, you can always hug the giant globe.

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Wine Cellar

This is the room where you will have the hardest time getting to. To get to the Wine Cellar, three people have to get their hands on the three engravings on the walls of the Fusion Kitchen room at the same time. Once inside, you will find everything you need to make your own wine and even drink it.

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The Sauna is the smallest room in the entire hotel and is accessible through the door on the right in the Spa. Often full, you can relax on the benches with other players.

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It is simply a hotel corridor with a balcony where you can reach three different places: Fusion Kitchen, Relaxarium and Sunset Street.

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Shady Club

This is the most exclusive private club in the entire hotel. You can access this room by filling in the access code (4889) in the dark street below Sunset Street

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Partnership Rooms


In partnership with The Smiley Company, a brand new public room called SmileyWorld has opened its doors. 

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Removal Room


The Augmentarium is a public room that had an augmented reality feature to allow the player to see your avatar in the real world through the camera of your smartphone.

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Villa Love Island

During the partnership with the Love Island tv show, a new public place representing a Villa with a pool, a room or a beach was available. It was possible to buy lifestyle items in the Love Island shop.

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Live Event : Love Island

In addition to the Villa, it was possible to participate in a live quiz on Love Island in a brand new public room.

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