Non-playable Characters (NPCs)

NPCs, also known as non-playable characters, are characters created specifically to tell the story of the hotel in public places. These characters can have exclusive clothes, walk around in a public place or perform actions. Some NPCs can get you stickers.


NPC's list

Here's the list of NPCs and identities that appear on Hotel Hideaway according to their public location

Appearances Names Location Mottos
Lulu Rinzenwill from Hotel Hideaway Lulu Rinzenwill Oasis Lobby

Tulips make me happy!

Welcome to Hotel Hideaway! You've met my sisters? We're triplets. Weird, right?
Where was I? The Hotel! So... Make sure you don't let the parrots in from the beach.

Guida Elana from Hotel Hideaway Guida Elana Oasis Lobby

How very nice to meet you. Again.
Chess is the name of THE game. I don't date and even if I did ... well it's not really your business is it?

Maxeen Samala from Hotel Hideaway Maxeen Samala Oasis Lobby Welcome back. How can I help you?

Welcome, lovely to meet you! We are so very sorry, but your luggage is still missing.
Meanwhile, spin & win at the Tailor of Fortune, that should do it.

Herman from Hotel Hideaway Herman Oasis Lobby

This hotel ain't gonna run itself

There are some guests who come by and leave when they see that I'm working. Obviously, it means that I win.

Sam O’Key from Hotel Hideaway Sam O’Key
Velvet Room

Feed the right wolf.

Welcome to the Velvet Room, also known as My Random Life. It’s the home of this dude who doesn't really translate to a word. That’d be you. Me, I’m just enjoying the good things in life, with emphasis on “things”. Being a blindfolded octopus that’s trying not to stick its tentacles into something too sticky, that’s my thing.

Ziv Gray from Hotel Hideaway Ziv Gray Furniture Forum Dream, Create, Repeat.

Manager of MØBL, Curator of the Carpenter of Chance.
Look twice, teleport once.

Rosy Morgan from Hotel Hideaway Rosy Morgan Fusion Kitchen

Fusion's the Flavour!

Head chef of the hotel's in-house restaurant: Fusion Kitchen. Passionate about Asian Fusion cuisine and converting people to spicy food.

Venus Taylor
Runway Room

I do events, baby <3

Promoter of events, director of vibes :D Love is love. Bite me! (OR just kiss me hehe.)