May 2024 : Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre is the Hideaway hotel campaign that ran throughout May 2024. It's show time at Hotel Hideaway, with a brand new stage, curtain walls and giant Oscar statues. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to postpone one of them?

Carpenter Collection : Grand Theatre

A new collection of 30 pieces of furniture was released during this campaign.

Star(s) Name Preview
Chic Cosmetics Furni : Chic Cosmetics
Old-timey Telephone Furni : Old-timey Telephone
Theater Binoculars Furni : Theater Binoculars
Theatre Programme Furni : Theater Programme
Lux Theater Programme Furni : Lux Theater Programme
Banquet Goblet Furni : Banquet Goblet
Overflowing Flower Vase Furni : Overflowing Flower Vase
Posh Candelabra Furni : Posh Candelabra
Framed Autograph Furni : Framed Autograph
Old-timey Typewriter Furni : Old-timey Typewriter
Tossed Bouquet Furni : Tossed Bouquet
Lux Tossed Bouquet Furni : Lux Tossed Bouquet
Tall Floor Candlestick Furni : Tall Floor Candlestick
Coffee Table Furni : Coffee Table
Dining Chair Furni : Dining Chair
Black Cat Poster Furni : Black Cat Poster
Theater Masks Furni : Theater Masks
Musical Poster Furni : Musical Poster
Prop Tree Furni : Prop Tree
Standing Stage Curtain Furni : Standing Stage Curtain
Stage Curtain Furni : Stage Curtain
Theater Sign Furni : Theater Sign
Lux Theater Sign Furni : Lux Theater Sign
Stained Glass Window Furni : Stained Glass Window
Deco Grand Piano Furni : Deco Grand Piano
Set Backdrop Furni : Set Backdrop
Lux Set Backdrop Furni : Lux Set Backdrop
Posh Throne Furni : Posh Throne
Grand Theater Stage Furni : Grand Theater Stage
Lux Grand Theater Stage Furni : Lux Grand Theater Stage

Room : Grand Theatre

A presentation room is available at Lafollegrenouille with the name "Grand Theatre".

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