Hideaween 2023


It's Halloween at Hotel Hideaway! For this autumn's campaign, we're going on an adventure to a dark carnival! On the programme: new items, a new season pass, a cookie war and much more!

Carpenter Collection : Dark Carnival

Star(s) Name Preview
Carnival Tickets Hotel Hideaway : Carnival Tickets
Jack-in-the-box Hotel Hideaway : Jack-in-the-box
Lux Jack-in-the-box Hotel Hideaway : Lux Jack-in-the-box
Box of Popcorn Hotel Hideaway : Box Of Popcorn
Soda Cup Hotel Hideaway : Soda Cup
Hideaween Candy Hotel Hideaway : Hideaween Candy
Ball of Crystal Nightmares Hotel Hideaway : Ball of Crystal Nightmares
Mini Plushie Hotel Hideaway : Mini Plushie
Candy Apples Hotel Hideaway : Lonely Cloud
Garden Party Bunting Hotel Hideaway : Garden Party Bunting
Stage Spotlight Hotel Hideaway : Stage Spotlight
Trapeze Hotel Hideaway : Trapeze
Lux Trapeze  
Funfair Fence Hotel Hideaway : Funfair Fence
Smuggler Barrel Hotel Hideaway : Smuggler Barrel
Ramshackle Road Sign Hotel Hideaway : Ramshackle Road Sign
Glowing Star Hotel Hideaway : Glowing Star
Hypnotic Painting Hotel Hideaway : Hypnotic Painting
Carnival Booth Hotel Hideaway : Carnival Booth
Lux Carnival Booth Hotel Hideaway : Lux Carnival Booth
Circus bench Hotel Hideaway : Circus bench
Bumper Car Hotel Hideaway : Bumper Car
Mega Plushie Hotel Hideaway : Mega Plushie
Stage Curtain Hotel Hideaway : Stage Curtain
Classic Circus Wagon Hotel Hideaway : Classic Circus Wagon
Clown Archway Hotel hideaway : Clown Archway
Lux Clown Archway  
Face-in-Hole Board Hotel Hideaway : Face-in-Hole Board
Whimsical Circus Tent Hotel Hideaway : Whimsical Circus Tent
Lux Whimsical Circus Tent Hotel Hideaway : Lux Whimsical Circus Tent

Shop : Wicked Goods


Due to a problem, we were unable to post all the clothing for the event

Star(s) Name Price Preview Man Preview Woman
College Sweater 2000 College Sweater  
Tentacle T-Shirt 2000 Tentacle T-Shirt  
Zipper Heels 3000 Zipper Heels  
Infernal Legwear 3500 Hotel Hideaway : Celestial Apprentice Man  
Celestial Legwear 3500 Hotel Hideaway : Celestial Apprentice Man  
Celestial Apprentice 3500 Hotel Hideaway : Celestial Apprentice Man Celestial Apprentice Woman
Infernal Initiate 3500 Hotel Hideaway : Infernal Initiate Man Infernal Initiate Woman
He-Guest 7500 Hotel Hideaway : He-Guest Man  
Hazmat Suit 7500 Hotel Hideaway : Hazmat Suit Man  
Gooey Feet 8000 Gooey Feet  
Brawl Survivor 8000 Hotel Hideaway : Brawl Survivor Man Hotel Hideaway : Brawl Survivor Woman
Mariachi Jacket 8750 Hotel Hideaway : Mariachi Jacket  
Gothic Shirt 9500 Hotel Hideaway : Gothic Shirt Man Gothic Shirt Woman
Dress Robes 500 Hotel Hideaway : Dress Robes Man Dress Robes Woman
Animal Slippers 550 Hotel Hideaway : Animal Slippers  
Pit Fighter Torso 16000 Pit Fighter Torso Man  
Clown Shoes 18000 Conniving Robes Man  
Conniving Robes 19000 Conniving Robes Man Conniving Robes Woman
Oversized Overalls 23000 Oversized Overalls Man Oversized Overalls Woman
Headless Horseman's Coat 23000 Headless Horseman's Coat Man Headless Horseman's Coat Woman
Lux Pit Fighter Torso 900 Lux Pit Fighter Torso Man  
Hotel Hoverer 1300 Hotel Hoverer Man Hotel Hoverer Woman
Re-Animated Legs 1350 Hotel Hoverer Man  
Re-Animated Torso 1450 Re-Animated Torso  
Pharaoh's Curse 2000 Pharaoh's Curse Man Pharaoh's Curse Woman
Creepy-crawly Guest 2200 Creepy-crawly Guest  
Drafty Torso 2250 Drafty Torso Man Drafty Torso Woman
Other Worldly Traveller 2250 Reawakened Pharaoh Outfit Man  
Reawakened Pharaoh Outfit 2750 Reawakened Pharaoh Outfit Man Reawakened Pharaoh Outfit Woman
Caged Heart 2750 Hotel Hideaway : Casual Party Goer Man  



Star(s) Name Price Preview
Fallen Maple Leaves 900 Hotel Hideaway : Fallen Maple Leaves
Wall-Hugging Bat 1000 Hotel Hideaway : Wall-Hugging Bat
Rituel Candles 40 Hotel Hideaway : Rituel Candles
Cranial Candle 60 Hotel Hideaway : Cranial Candle
Ghost Decorations 2000 Hotel Hideaway : Ghost Decorations
Horror Graffiti 2000 Hotel Hideaway : Horror Graffiti
Axe to the Head 2500 Hotel Hideaway : Axe to the Head
Floating Candles 3000 Hotel Hideaway : Floating Candles
Sacrificial Skulls 3750 Hotel Hideaway : Sacrificial Skulls
Hideaween Megaphone 4000 Hotel Hideaway : Hideaween Megaphone
Experimental Flasks 150 Hotel Hideaway : Experimental Flasks
Spooky Sludge 175 Hotel Hideaway : Spooky Sludge
Ravaged Tent 9000 Hotel Hideaway : Ravaged Tent
Ghastly Presence 12000 Hotel Hideaway : Ghastly Presence
Terrifying Gargoyle 12000 Hotel Hideaway : Terrifying Gargoyle
Dusty Cobwebs 35000 Hotel Hideaway : Dusty Cobwebs
Spellbook Altar 400 Hotel Hideaway : Spellbook Altar
Witch's Cauldron 450 Hotel Hideaway : Witch's Cauldron
Witch's Familiar 1750 Hotel Hideaway : Witch's Familiar
Ghost Tricks 1750 Hotel Hideaway : Ghost Tricks
Afterlife Sofa 17500 Hotel Hideaway : Afterlife Sofa
Manor Chandelier 18750 Hotel Hideaway : Manor Chandelier
Endless Bookshelves 55000 Hotel Hideaway : Endless Bookshelves
Vampire Coffin 800 Hotel Hideaway : Vampire Coffin
Summonning Circle 800 Hotel Hideaway : Summonning Circle
Eerie Metal Gate 800 Hotel Hideaway : Eerie Metal Gate
Preserved Head Worktable 1200 Hotel Hideaway : Preserved Head Worktable
Giant Spider Plush 1200 Hotel Hideaway : Giant Spider Plush
Circus Ring Rug 800 Hotel Hideaway : Circus Ring Rug
Fluttering Death 3000 Hotel Hideaway : Fluttering Death
Right-Side Up Portal 2200 Hotel Hideaway : Right-Side Up Portal


Star(s) Name Price Preview
Cursed Forest 5000 Hotel Hideaway : Cursed Forest
Treasure Box 150 Hotel Hideaway : Treasure Box
Pink Cannon 200 Hotel Hideaway : Pink Cannon
Deep Forest 200 Hotel Hideaway : Deep Forest
Dark Rust 225 Hotel Hideaway : Dark Rust
Somber Celadon 4000 Hotel Hideaway : Somber Celadon
Musty Mustard 4250 Hotel Hideaway : Musty Mustard
Teaberry 5500 Hotel Hideaway : Teaberry
Distant Mirage 6500 Hotel Hideaway : Distant Mirage
Delicious Incense 7000 Hotel Hideaway : Delicious Incense
Rustic Red 8000 Hotel Hideaway : Rustic Red
Dreadful Purple 325 Hotel Hideaway : Dreadful Purple
Distressed Damson 400 Hotel Hideaway : Distressed Damson
Eerie Swamp 400 Hotel Hideaway : Eerie Swamp
Burnt Ashes 450 Hotel Hideaway : Burnt Ashes
Pumpink Spice 450 Hotel Hideaway : Pumpink Spice
Ooze 450 Hotel Hideaway : Ooze
Radiation 700 Hotel Hideaway : Radiation
Midnight Mystery 700 Hotel Hideaway : Midnight Mystery
Inky Cyan 725 Hotel Hideaway : Inky Cyan
Late Dusk 750 Hotel Hideaway : Late Dusk
Deep Dye 850 Hotel Hideaway : Deep Dye


Star(s) Name Price Preview
Bewitching Aura 600 Hotel Hideaway : Bewitching Aura
Feeling Batty 650 Hotel Hideaway : Feeling Batty
Creepy Crawlies 650 Hotel Hideaway : Creepy Crawlies
Floating Skulls 1500 Hotel Hideaway : Floating Skulls
Small Spooks 1500 Hotel Hideaway : Small Spooks

Profile backgrounds

Old Scroll

Preview Profile Background : Old Scroll

Profile Background : Old Scroll
Autumn Harvest

Preview Profile Background : Autumn Harvest

Profile Background : Autumn Harvest
Oozing Goo

Preview Profile Background : Oozing Goo

Profile Background : Oozing Goo
Stroke of Midnight

Preview Profile Background : Stroke of Midnight

Profile Background : Stroke of Midnight
Restless Graveyard

Preview Profile Background : Restless Graveyard

Profile Background : Restless Graveyard

Sets : Tailor of Fortune

Creepy Carnie Set

Creepy Carnie Trousers

Creepy Carnie Trousers

Creepy Carnie Decorations

Creepy Carnie Decorations

Creepy Carnie Coat

Creepy Carnie Coat

Creepy Carnie Headear

Creepy Carnie Headear


Season Pass

During the Hideaween 2023 event, a 50-level Season Pass is available for 45 days to complete missions and earn daily rewards. You can get more gifts every day with the "Gold Pass".


Here are all the free prizes:

280 cookies
11000 coins 
50 diamonds
21 spins 
4 brown crates
1 purple crate
7 suitcases 
A pin : Hideaween 2023
Garment : Drenched Balloon & Clown's Curls
A profile background : Peach Stripes

Gold Pass

Here are all the prizes with the Gold Pass:

1800 cookies 
27000 coins 
550 diamonds 
30 spins 
9 brown crates 
3 purple crates 
3 gold crates
12 suitcases 
A pin : Hideaween 2023
Two garments : Macabre Makeup & Circus Clown Outfit
A profile background : Abandoned Fairground