April 2024 : Rustic Ranch

Giddy up! Rustic Ranch is the Hideaway hotel campaign that ran throughout April 2024. You'll find everything you need in this collection to open your own ranch and become the greatest rider in the Hotel. Pony, hay, jumping obstacle and golden dung are all available!

Carpenter Collection : Rustic Ranch

A new collection of 30 pieces of furniture was released during this campaign.

Star(s) Name Preview
Patch of Grass Furni : Patch of Grass
Ripe Carrot Furni : Ripe Carrot
Dung Pile Furni : Dung Pile
Lux Dung Pile Furni : Lux Dung Pile
Hoofprints Furni : Hoofprints
Red Delicious Apple Furni : Red Delicious Apple
Ancient Egyptian Spices Furni : Ancient Egyptian Spices
Zen Stool Furni : Zen Stool
Dried Flower Bouquet Furni : Dried Flower Bouquet
Lucky Horseshoe Furni : Lucky Horseshoe
Cooler Hotel Hideaway : Cooler
Cottage Fence Furni : Cottage Fence
Hay Bale Furni : Hay Bale
Animal Feed Furni : Animal Feed
Lux Animal Feed Furni : Lux Animal Feed
Shovel Furni : Shovel
Cellar Door Furni : Cellar Door
Traditional Cowboy Hat Furni : Traditional Cowboy Hat
Hay Stack Furni : Hay Stack
Farmhouse Sink Furni : Farmhouse Sink
Jumping Obstacle Furni : Jumping Obstacle
Little Pony Furni : Little Pony
Lux Little Pony Furni : Lux Little Pony
Swinging Saloon Doors Furni : Swinging Saloon Doors
Ranch Entrance Furni : Ranch Entrance
Wagon Furni : Wagon
Lux Wagon Furni : Lux Wagon
Noble Steed Furni : Noble Steed
Stable Furni : Coffee Shop Stand
Lux Stable Furni : Lux Stable

Room : Shopping Mall

A presentation room is available at Lafollegrenouille with the name "Rustic Ranch".

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