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Oasis Lobby

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Oasis Lobby is the most popular public room in the hotel. When players register and enter the hotel for the first time, they have to complete a large part of the beginners' tutorial in this room. Oasis Lobby is the most popular one for making new friends. Originally, it was possible to use all the machines in the game in this room. In 2023, the Hideaway Hotel team decided to redo the whole room in a more modern design and for this occasion the Carpenter of Chance moved to a new public room, the Furniture Forum.

Oasis Lobby

Original Oasis Lobby

Overview of the original shape of Oasis Lobby with all the machines in the game.

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New Oasis Lobby

Overview of the new layout of Oasis Lobby with its new modern design and the removal of the Carpenter Of Chance and the MøBL shop.

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NPCs : Guida, Herman, Lulu & Maxeen

It is possible to see Guida, Lulu or Maxeen behind the reception desk, depending on the time of day, and to see Herman walking around the Oasis Lobby at the beginning of each hour.

Shop : The Wall Mall

This is the first shop you will discover in the game through the tutorial. The Wall Mall is located on the first floor of Oasis Lobby and sells mainly basic clothing and hotel-related collections.