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May 2023: Megastar Concert

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The Megastar Concert furniture range is Carpenter's Mai 2023 collection. It is composed of different furniture and instruments that can be found in a concert hall such as a red carpet, a stage or pyrotechnic effects.

Carpenter Collection : Megastar Concert

Star(s) Name Preview
Floor Sportlight Hotel Hideaway : Floor Sportlight
Lux Floor Sportlight Hotel Hideaway : Lux Floor Sportlight
Classic LP Hotel Hideaway : Classic LP
Party Lights Hotel Hideaway : Party Light
Framed Autograph Hotel Hideaway : Framed Autograph
Stage Microphone Hotel Hideaway : Stage Microphone
Red Carpet Hotel Hideaway : Red Carpet
Lux Red Carpet  
Favorite LPs Hotel Hideaway : Favorite LPs
Backstage Diva Mirror Hotel Hideaway : Backstage Diva Mirror
Stage Spotlight Hotel Hideaway : Stage Spotlight
Stranger Synths Hotel Hideaway : Stranger Synths
Autograph Table Hotel Hideaway : Autograph Table
Lux Autograph Table Hotel Hideaway : Lux Autograph Table
Pyrotechnics Machine Hotel Hideaway : Pyrotechnics Machine
Drums of Death Hotel Hideaway : Drums of Death
Eletric Guitar Set-up Hotel Hideaway : Eletric Guitar Set-up
Lux Eletric Guitar Set-up  
Performance Stage  
Lux Performance Stage  

Shop : MØBL


Star(s) Name Price Preview
Musical Notes 1750 Hotel Hideaway : Musical Notes